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Author-submitted data information

ID 431
Title The groundwater level, earth tide and barometric pressure data from the China Earthquake Network Center (CENC) in the Shizhu well
Creator Qiuye Yang
Subject Groundwater level, earth tide, barometric pressure
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description The observation and collection of water level data from the Shizhu well began in 2009 and ended in 2019. The LN-3A digital water level recorder is installed in the well, with observation accuracy ≤ 0.2% F. S, a sampling rate of 1 sample/min, and a resolution of 1 mm. Barometric pressures are documented with an RTP-1 digital instrument with a sampling rate of 1 sample/min. The theoretical earth tide data were calculated using Mapsis software.
Contributor Yan Zhang
Date January 2009 – January 2019
Type The data consists of two columns, the first for time and the second for value.
Format ASCII format with suffixes as .dat
URL http://www.geophys.ac.cn/ArticleData/20221031WaterLevel.zip
DOI 10.12197/2022GA032
Language eng
Rights China Earthquake Network Center; Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences