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ID 417
Title Imaging results of the low-frequency data from the Rover Penetrating Radar (RoPeR)
Creator Chao Li
Subject Zhurong rover, RoPeR low-frequency data
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description The original radar data used were acquired by the RoPeR onboard the Zhurong rover over a distance of ~1171 m from May 25 (sol 11) to September 6, 2021 (sol 113). The data shared here contains two files. The file “SourceData_Fig2” has two parts. The First part gives the imaging result of the RoPeR low-frequency data after self-test trace removal, trace-spacing regularization, direct-current (DC) shift removal, time zero correction, background removal, band-pass filtering, automatic gain control (AGC), random noise attenuation, migration, and topographic correction. The second part gives the averaged 1D dielectric permittivity model from the 2D dielectric permittivity model estimated by diffraction analysis using the same set of the radar data. The 2D dielectric permittivity model is provided in the file “SourceData_ExtendedDataFig6”.
Contributor Jinhai Zhang, Xin Wang and Ling Chen
Date May 25 - Sep. 6, 2021
Type The file “SourceData_Fig2” has two sheets. Sheet 1 contains the imaging result of the RoPeR low-frequency data at each depth and distance. Sheet 2 contains the averaged 1D dielectric permittivity and the lower and upper bounds around the average dielectric permittivity at each depth. The file “SourceData_ExtendedDataFig6” contains 1 sheet, which gives the dielectric permittivity at each depth and distance.
Format .xlsx, available in Microsoft Excel
URL http://www.geophys.ac.cn/ArticleData/20220614Zhurong.zip
DOI 10.12197/2022GA018
Language eng
Rights Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences