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ID 405
Title Ionosonde data from Sanya, Fuke and Chumphon station and ΔH calculated from magnetometer data from Sanya and Da Lat
Creator Lianhuan Hu
Subject Ionogram, Es, Ascending ion layer
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description The raw ionogram on April 04, 2018 at Sanya were provided. Summary plots of ionogram on the days of ascending ion layers were also provided in the dataset. For Fuke and Chumphon, the raw ionogram and ionogram figures on April 04, 2018 retrieved from data servers were provided, respectively. The Sanya ionosonde and magnetometer data were provided by Beijing National Observatory of Space Environment, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS through the Geophysics center, National Earth System Science Data Center. The Fuke ionosonde data were downloaded from data center for Meridian Project (https://data.meridianproject.ac.cn/). The Chumphon ionosonde data were downloaded at the SEALION website (https://aer-nc-web.nict.go.jp/sealion/). The Da Lat magnetometer data were downloaded from Bureau Central de Magnetisme Terrestre, France (http://www.bcmt.fr/)
Contributor Xiukuan Zhao, Haiyong Xie and Yi Li
Date Dec.2017-Jun. 2018 and Apr. 2019-Jun.2020
Type The raw ionogram data in GRM format, including frequency, height, amplitude, Doppler velocity. ΔH data in mat file, including differences in horizontal component of magnetic field observed by Sanya and Da Lat magnetometers.
Format Ionogram files in .GRM extension which can be opened in SAO Explorer. ΔH data in .mat extension which can be loaded by Matlab.
URL http://www.geophys.ac.cn/ArticleData/20220715IonosondeData.zip
DOI 10.12197/2022GA006
Language eng
Rights Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences