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ID 328
Title SKS seismic waveforms from the NECsaids array
Creator Fan Yang
Subject SKS seismic waveforms
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description To trace the orientation and strength of mantle deformation and provide critical constraints on the structural and geodynamic models of the Earth’s mantle in northeast China, we collect seismic data from 81 regional seismic stations to conduct SKS-wave splitting analysis. The 81 temporary broadband seismic stations are part of the array of NECsaids (NorthEast China Seismic Array to Investigate Deep Subduction, http://www.seislab.cn/shownews.asp?column_id=305&column_cat_id=2 ), installed intermittently from 10/2010 to 10/2018. For SKS shear wave splitting analysis, we first acquired the teleseismic waveform data for earthquakes with magnitude larger than 5.3 and epicentral distances ranging from 80° to 105°. The three-component seismograms were windowed around the origin time of the earthquake (-5 sec to 2000 sec) and filtered with a bandpass filter of 0.05-0.5 Hz. Finally, this database is stored in the directories with SAC files as ./station/YYYY.DDD.HH.MM.SS.station.sac.component
(e.g.: ./DBEW01/2010.

Earthquake information can be found on the USGS website ( http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/search/ ).
Contributor Guangrui Guo, Juan Li, Qi-Fu Chen, Yun Chen, Sidan Chen
Date October 2010 - October 2018
Type Sac files have a sampling frequency of 0.01 Hz and a length within the time window of -5 s before and 2000 s after the origin time of the earthquake.
Format .sac, available in Sac, Obspy, Matlab and so on.
URL http://www.geophys.ac.cn/ArticleData/20220314data_for_SKS_NEC.zip
DOI 10.12197/2021GA029
Language eng
Rights Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences